Atletico Erlangen @ FC Großdechsendorf

FC Großdechsendorf

FC Großdechsendorf is idyllically located on the edge of the Dechsendorfer lake, about 10 minutes by car from the city center.
Our men’s teams have were active here from 2017 until 2020. Since May 2020 our female team trains and plays here.
The three grass pitches, two of them with floodlights, offer ideal training conditions.



Atletico Erlangen @ DJK Erlangen

DJK Erlangen

Both male teams train and play on the grounds of the DJK Erlangen in Wiesengrund, just a few minutes by bike from the city center.
In addition to the two soccer fields, the DJK also has beautifully situated tennis courts and a restaurant with delicious Greek specialties. In summer you have a good view of the sports facilities from the beautiful terrace.




Our Referees

Unsere Schiris

With Lukas Herzig, Jorge Peña and Johannes Heidel, Atlético Erlangen has three active referees at the Bavarian Football Association.
If you would also like to be a referee, please feel free to contact us!



President: Bernd Thiele
Vice President: Wolfgang Borig


Gilberto Abreu


Teammanager Male teams:
Teammanager Futsal:
Teammanager Female teams:

Mannschaftsarchiv 2017-2020

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